Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Luca // 1

Five years ago I started the tradition of sewing family members a quilt as a gift for a special birthday. 

I decided at the time that I would set myself the challenge of sticking to the disappearing ninepatch pattern trying to come up with as many variations as I could think of.

I have completed six quilts since, these being
Cathe 2015, Gerry 2016, Ariel 2016, Danbar 2017, Nelly 2018, and Otiv 2019.

Recently I've started on my 7th and for the first time I'm late as the birthday was already last week. As we all know this year 2020 is a strange one and many plans and intentions had to be adjusted or postponed. Nevertheless, I'm happy I've finally gotten to it. It's going to be a gift for a young man and I'm very excited about my fabric choices. I have the feeling he is going to love it. At least, it's what I'm hoping for. Since I don't expect him to read my blog or checking in on my Instagram feed I feel safe to sharing some work in progress pictures.

All the ninepatches are sewn and cut into their four quarters. Now the fun part of arranging and shifting around until I find a pleasing layout can start.

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