Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Otiv - a finished quilt

Now that it has been gifted I can share my latest quilt finished last December.
I call it a disappearing nine patch variation. I made all nine patches as for the classic disappearing nine patch but instead of cutting them into four quadrants I made varying vertical cuts per block only. Sometimes I left the block as is.
This was a very fun make. The biggest challenge is achieving an interesting and pleasing composition. The piecing is pretty straight forward as there are not many seams or points to match. I love this kind of piecing. One can concentrate purely on colors and placement and forget a bit the need for accurate sewing.

I want to credit Carson of . It was through a quilt she posted on Instagram that I got the idea to try this technique.

I had asked the recipient for his favorite color and the answer was orange. I took that as my starting point and tried to compose a color palette that would showcase the color without being an overkill.

It has been well received and lives in California now. My only wish is that it will be used and loved as much as I did in making it.

Otiv, 190 x 155 cm, machine pieced and machine quilted

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