Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Diamond // 3

I'm still evaluating different layout options and finding it hard to commit to something. In contrary even more ideas pop up in my mind. For the moment I'm introducing additional color nuances.

Noch immer grüble ich an den verschiedenen Layouts herum und kann mich nicht entscheiden. Es fallen mir stattdessen weitere Möglichkeiten ein. Vorerst begnüge ich mich damit, weitere Farbnuancen einzuführen.

Sto ancora riflettendo sulle varie possibilità di arrangiare i blocchi e non riesco a decidere. Anzi, mi vengono ancora altre idee. Per il momento mi accontendo di introdurre più colori.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Diamond // 2

Thinking about the layout... Any preferences ?

Mache mir Gedanken, wie ich die Blöcke arrangieren soll... Was meint ihr ?

Una scelta difficile...  Voi cosa ne pensate ?

Perhaps like this?     Vielleicht in diese Richtung?     Forse così ?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Diamond // 1

I started a new quilt. It will be a hand sewn epp project using a rhombus (diamond) template. I'm calling it Diamond (wow!). I plan to use mainly different reds and cremes for a dark/light contrast. I will decide about the layout at a later point.

Ich habe mit einem neuen Quilt begonnen. Ich nähe ihn von Hand nach der English Paper Piecing-Methode (epp). Als Schablone dient mir ein Rhombus (Diamant), deshalb nenne ich ihn Diamond. Für den Hell / Dunkel-Kontrast werde ich hauptsächlich verschiedene Rot- und Creme-Töne verwenden. Das definitive Layout werde ich später entscheiden.

Ho incominciato un nuovo quilt. Lo cucio a mano usando la tecnica con i stampini di carta. Uso unicamente la forma di un rombo (diamante) e perciò lo chiamo Diamond. Per ottenere un contrasto chiaro scuro userò sopratutto diversi colori rossi e crema. La configurazione finale la deciderò strada facendo.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rag rug flop

Three years ago I made this rag rug. It had been a laborious work of months. But I was glad with the result and it felt very agreeable to bare feet. I even posted a foto tutorial.

After it has been in use during the last year I decided it needed to be washed. Without many thoughts I gave it into in the washing machine.

Sadly, this is what came out

I have no idea why this happened. The canvas got loose and destroyed. Maybe I had a fault in one of the seams along the edges. Maybe the canvas is not washing machine safe at all. Maybe the whole thing just got too heavy once soaked with water? I took a deep breath and successfully combatted feelings of frustration and disappointment. Still I liked all the pieces I had cut out of old T-shirts. They weren't worn out at all and the colors are still nice. So I took the time to completely take apart what was still holding on to the canvas. I even rescued all the single strings the canvas dissolved into.

Sh... happens! Who knows, one day I'll make something new out of it.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Scraps II // 12 and last!

Here is my finished Scraps II quilt. This was a half intuitive half planned quilt to make and easy to piece. An easy job after the laborious one with Kernel. It is a mix of solid scraps used for the block centers and yardage fabric to complete the blocks in a chessboard layout.

182 x 139 cm

You can find relevant progress shots at these links:

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Linking to Scraptastic Tuesday. Go check out what others make!

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Yesterday we went on a great day trip to the Rütli area, where the Old Swiss Confederacy was formed. We went by train to Brunnen, by ship to Rütli, hiked via Selisberg to Bauen. From there the ship took us back to Brunnen. We enjoyed beautiful weather, great views, and the satisfaction of a long tiring hike.

Ieri abbiamo fatto una bellissima gita alla regione del Rütli. Il treno ci ha portati a Brunnen dove abbiamo preso la nave per arrivare a Rütli. A piedi siamo saliti fino a Selisberg e poi scesi verso Bauen. Li abbiamo ripreso la nave che ci ha riportati a Brunnen. Abbiamo goduto delle vedute fenomenali a avuto la soddisfazione di una bella stancata.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Planetary constellation

Funny discovery while rummaging in the closet: A jacket branded Jupiter on a vintage hanger named Saturn. Not intended!

Eine witzige Entdeckung im Kleiderschrank: Eine Jacke der Marke Jupiter auf einem Kleiderbügel der Marke Saturn. Ohne Absicht. Sachen gibt's!

Ma tu guarda cosa ho trovato per caso nel armadio: Una giacca di marca Giove sopra un attaccapanni di marca Saturno.  Senza intenzione. Incredibile!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kernel // 15 and last

Finally some pictures of the finished quilt. The real colors are a little less vibrant though.
I paper foundation pieced it after my own design. Each block is designed individually. I quilted it with diagonal lines of three different colors and widths.

176 x 138 cm

To make this quilt has been quite a journey. If you want to know more you can read about it and see process shots by following the links below.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Scraps II // 11

Just finished sewing on the binding. Now I have two finished quilts waiting to be photographed.

Gerade bin ich mit dem Binding fertig geworden. Nun warten zwei fertige Quilts darauf, fotografiert zu werden.

Ho appena finito di cucire questo binding. Ora ho due quilts finiti che aspettano di essere fotografati.