Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rag rug flop

Three years ago I made this rag rug. It had been a laborious work of months. But I was glad with the result and it felt very agreeable to bare feet. I even posted a foto tutorial.

After it has been in use during the last year I decided it needed to be washed. Without many thoughts I gave it into in the washing machine.

Sadly, this is what came out

I have no idea why this happened. The canvas got loose and destroyed. Maybe I had a fault in one of the seams along the edges. Maybe the canvas is not washing machine safe at all. Maybe the whole thing just got too heavy once soaked with water? I took a deep breath and successfully combatted feelings of frustration and disappointment. Still I liked all the pieces I had cut out of old T-shirts. They weren't worn out at all and the colors are still nice. So I took the time to completely take apart what was still holding on to the canvas. I even rescued all the single strings the canvas dissolved into.

Sh... happens! Who knows, one day I'll make something new out of it.

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