Friday, August 17, 2018

Lima // 1

A trip is coming up and I want to take a hand sewing project with me. I want to minimize on weight and therefore epp is not the best option.
I found some jelly rolls in my stash and started to cut diamonds.

The boring part is tracing the stitching line. But without it I can't sew a straight line. I know that!

My plan is to sew some stars. I also have ideas for what to do once I have enough stars but I will evaluate that later on. They will get put aside anyway once back as there is enough other hand sewing to be finished first.

My travel kit is good to go!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

New works in the making

Here are a few things I've been working on during the last weeks.

While working on Nelly I started a kind of experiment. I picked a patterned fabric and solids of similar colors. I cut them into strips and started to sew them together forming blocks with the same solid color. I sewed the strips together as leaders and enders while working on the top for Nelly. You know how people use a "mice" as leader and ender to save thread instead of clipping it when you are done with the seam you are sewing? You just keep sewing on a different small piece of fabric and don't have to cut the thread. You leave the piece under the needle and just continue from there with the next seam you want to sew. Like chain piecing but with a different piece of fabric that keeps beeing sewed over times and times again. So I thought what if I use this trick to sew strips together instead? I'll be making blocks that I can use for a next top!

Now that Nelly is finished and I've not been at the sewing machine for a while nor will I be there too soon, these blocks are patiently waiting to see what will become of them.

Meanwhile because I needed a hand sewing project I started a new epp quilt. I still had revolving in my head the intended design that didn't work out for Crux resulting in a totally different layout. So I thought of giving it another try. Looking through my stash I found that I had enough blues and yellows to start with and here I went.

It has been growing since so that I had to take the strips blocks down.

In the meantime I've decided to add some greens.

Now this one too will have to wait for a while as I'm traveling again. For that trip I prepared another hand sewing project to go.  I'll post about that tomorrow.