Friday, July 31, 2020

Dark And Light aka A Home For All // 2

And here comes the finished top with which I'm very happy. And I've also made the backing.
I have nothing to add for now but I'll leave you with this 

"The realization that life is absurd can not be an end, but only a beginning." -Albert Camus

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Dark And Light aka A Home For All // 1

July is almost gone and I've been sewing away at this top. While I've enjoyed the sewing process and had fun scavenging my scrap boxes I've also been thinking about what is going on in the world. So much social injustice, so much undeserved luck for some, so much bad luck and much worse for others. And so while sewing and looking at my fabrics I've been thinking of Blacks and Whites, of dark and light, an how we all want to be happy and feel at home. I've been dreaming of a world we'll probably never have and yet we must not give up wanting. These thoughts have been infused in this top while I was trying to combine dark and light fabrics in a way to bring clarity, harmony, intermingling, equilibrium. Yet, visible and invisible barriers remain.

I'll show today some progress shots and very soon the finished top.

"Humans are creatures who spent their lifes trying to convince themselves that their existence is not absurd." 
-Albert Camus

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hugs And Kisses // 3

May and June have gone by and I have a finished quilt top. I'm not sharing pictures of the finished top yet but here are some final progress shots. The last picture shows how I chose to finish the edges. I'm quite happy with the decision to introduce a new fabric for those setting triangles. The black and white adds a nice detail to the overall design, I think.

I'm set on the fabrics for the backing but I'm postponing the next steps for a while.
Meanwhile I'm thinking about how I want to hand quilt it. It won't be easy to stitch through those batiks so I'm trying to find a design that I find appealing but not too extensive in order to spare my hands a little.

A couple weeks ago I started on a new top by machine and it felt so good to be sitting at the machine again. It's a improv log cabin and I'll post some pictures here soon. You can go to my Instagram feed if you don't want to wait.