Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hugs And Kisses // 3

May and June have gone by and I have a finished quilt top. I'm not sharing pictures of the finished top yet but here are some final progress shots. The last picture shows how I chose to finish the edges. I'm quite happy with the decision to introduce a new fabric for those setting triangles. The black and white adds a nice detail to the overall design, I think.

I'm set on the fabrics for the backing but I'm postponing the next steps for a while.
Meanwhile I'm thinking about how I want to hand quilt it. It won't be easy to stitch through those batiks so I'm trying to find a design that I find appealing but not too extensive in order to spare my hands a little.

A couple weeks ago I started on a new top by machine and it felt so good to be sitting at the machine again. It's a improv log cabin and I'll post some pictures here soon. You can go to my Instagram feed if you don't want to wait.

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