Thursday, February 11, 2021

Rose - a commissioned babyquilt // 2 and last !

As promised, here is the finished quilt. My client just left with her new purchase and I'm so glad she really loved it. She loved my fabric additions and layout choices. And also was very pleased with the striped binding. This has been such a great new experience. Lots of first times. First time making a quilt on order, first time starting with fabrics given to me, first time no pre-washing the fabrics to achieve stronger fluffiness, first time adding false piping to the binding.

Here it is. Rose. 114 x 114 cm. Machine pieced and machine quilted.

And here it is with its happy new owner at the very moment she first got to see it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Rose - a commissioned babyquilt // 1

Last week I finished a babyquilt. It is my first commission and my client is the grandmother who ordered the quilt for herself for when baby comes to visit. She had visited my exhibit last September and got inspired to have her own custom made quilt. She went ahead and bought fabrics with darling baby prints and brought them to me. I was free to make whatever I wanted, using some or all of the fabrics, adding others, choosing the design. We only agreed on the approximate size of the finished quilt. It's been a fantastic challenge for me. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with her fabric choices. Mostly large prints, mostly same value colors. I had to invent a design that would showcase the lovely prints. This has been my first order and a different experience in quilt making. I've made many quilts to be gifted before, thinking of the recipient during the process of designing and making the quilt. This time, being it an order, there was an additional aspect to be considered. The pressure of making something, the client will happily pay for.

Long story short, here are pictures of the making of. I'll be back with the finished quilt later this week and at that time I'll also know how it's been received.