Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Luca // 4 and last !

Luca is all done and on its way to its recipient. Fingers crossed it will get there safe and sound. It is always special to design a quilt for somebody specific. Thinking what kind of colors or prints may be liked. What size it should have to be useful and how to quilt it to make it snuggly. During the hours of sewing I think of the person it is destined for and memories of shared moments come to mind. This quilt is going to a nephew living far away. I held him on my arms as a baby and now that he is a grown up man he can wrap himself up in this quilt and maybe feel some of the love that I put into it.

This has been my 7th disappearing nine patch variation and I'm quite happy with the result. Again that simple block construction lead to a complete different look thanks to the decisions made in color and fabric choices and block layout. As it is often said, the possibilities are endless.

Luca measures about 195 x 145 cm.

I don't know why the green color looks so different in these pictures. The pictures above show it better.