Friday, May 12, 2017

Danbar // 3 and last !

It's been a while since I posted about Danbar. I finished it a while ago but gifted it only a couples week back. So finally I'm sharing it here too.
The recipient wished for a red and yellow quilt with a strong emphasis on red. I decided to add neutrals to calm it down somewhat and to add interest.

The pattern is based on a disappearing nine patch (D9P). It is my fourth D9P and I tried two variations to the previous ones:
1. Different sizes of the nine patches to achieve slimmer rectangular "borders" and smaller little squares.
2. Alternating alignment of same "bordering" color per diagonal line.

You can see the other D9Ps I've done before on my Quilts page if you like to compare. They are named Ariel, Gerry, and Cathe. I think it's fascinating how one can achieve totally different looks using the same basic pattern.

The first picture shows the quilt on location the day it's been gifted to him. The others were taken a little later at home.

177 x 134 cm

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