Tuesday, May 30, 2017

rag rug // 1

Years ago I made this rug using old t-shirts cut into short strips that I hooked to a burlap.

You can check posts in 2012 in the archive on the right hand menu bar if you want to know more about the process.

Unfortunately, when after some use I later washed it in the machine it came all apart. I finished to take it apart and saved all the fabric pieces not knowing what for.

A few weeks ago I then decided that it was time for a new hand sewing project. A no brainer to work on and off just whenever I feel like. This time I'm simply folding the pieces and attach them down with a few stitches to a canvas. I first started randomly but realised quickly that it was easier for me if I pre-marked where to sew. Now I don't even need to worry to remain consistent. This rug will in the end be much fluffier than the first one. 
So I'm recycling already once recycled material.

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