Sunday, October 4, 2020

Learning to let go // 2

This is another quilt that has been purchased and I had to say bye bye to. The good thing is that I know where it is going to live and I will still be able to see it from time to time.

I made Floating Colors back in 2012 and I combined cotton and silk fabrics. I chose a very simple patchwork to give the silk patches enough room to shine. Spread out it shows all the different colors, folded on a couch one can choose which colors to show and by arranging it differently bring variation to the room. It is free motion quilted with a rather large scale design that brings a lot of life and structure into the calm background. 

It got a lot of attention during the exhibit and several people showed interest. It seems that its calmness and elegance is much liked these days.

To celebrate its parting here some last pictures in all its glory.

These were taken during my exhibit:

The maker and her work

These at my home back in 2012:

And these in its new home:

Pictures taken last week by the new owner, Thank you! Doesn't it look as if made for that couch and that room? Bye bye Floating Colors, wishing you and your new owners lots of joy and coziness together.

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