Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Azzurro goes Blogger's Quilt Festival

Glad to have learnt of this online Blogger's Quilt Festival! Thanks to Amy for organizing it and thank you qvilted for pointing it out to me!

This is my first time participating. I'm entering Azzurro to the Original Design Category.

I designed Azzurro completely on my design wall. It is made of silk scraps, two vintage silk dresses,  vintage cotton linen, various purchased solid cottons and my imagination. I started by sewing the blue and the orange log cabin blocks, arranged them on the wall shifting around until I liked it. Then I filled up the inbetween spaces with the red toned solids.

I like to incorporate the leftovers in the design of the back of my quilts. I'm particularly pleased by how this one turned out.

The quilt measures 70 x 54 inches. It is machine pieced and quilted.

If you like you can see and read more about the quilt and the making of here.

Linking to Blogger's Quilt Festival Original Design Quilts. Have fun enjoying all the creations and leave your vote!