Sunday, December 27, 2020

Dark And Light aka A Home For All // 5 and last !

I'm happy I also was able to finish this quilt. It's nice to end the year with completed work and make room for new beginnings.

While Hugs And Kisses has been (and still is) my companion helping me process these pandemic times, Dark And Light aka A Home For All has been created while processing thoughts and feelings related to injustice, racism, violence, poverty, migration and flight. Themes unfortunately not just relevant to 2020 but more predominant than ever. Hopes that the world may become a better place battered once again. What or whom am I waiting for?

Making this quilt has been a strange almost weird experience. The improvised log cabins were an easy, mindless, joyful sewing while the thinking and sometimes sheer incredulity about humankind were and still are heavy and exasperating.

Dark and light for our different skin colors. Log cabins for homes that everyone should have.
180 x 119 cm.

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