Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lemon and Limes // 1

As a change from sewing and travel reports I'm going to post a little about my last paintings. Again they were all made in class during last August through January. While in the previous semester the proposed theme has been water, this time the topic was fruits and vegetables. I saw a photocopy of a painting of a still life with a Lemon and several limes. Unfortunately, the loose photocopy didn't have any references to the artist or title of the painting and I'm sorry I can't pay credits to the person that inspired me to the following paintings. For once, I decided to stick to the very same subject and to paint variations playing with different brush strokes and colors.

They are all acrylic on paper and measure about 28 x 19 cm. Here we go with a first set where I kept the same color scheme.

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