Wednesday, February 21, 2024

What's going on here?

As you may have noticed I had not updated this blog since end 2021.

In case you wondered, I'm fine and still quilting away. I'm just not taking the time for posting here any more. I may return or even start a new blog one day but for now I'm trying to keep up with my website and posting progress on Instagram.

This however is the last quilt I made in 2021. 

Ma forêt de Saint-Maurice 

Saint-Maurice was the Swiss village where I attended a workshop and made this mini quilt.
The workshop was organised by Patchwork du Léman and Marianne Bender-Chevalley was the teacher.

28 x 40 cm

I will keep posting pictures of finished quilts on the page Quilts from 2022 onwards but without further details. 

If you want to stay connected or keep looking for inspiration please follow me on my Instagram page  @ergo_ago_pasqualina where I go deeper and discuss my work.

See you!

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