Thursday, December 16, 2021

recent epp that completely changed direction // part 2

I decided to quilt in three different ways. Along the seams of the cut up fabric containing the epp squares, shadow quilting on the large scale zig-zag fabric to enhance the dynamic movement, and a kind of a background web in all the small scale zig-zag. Lots of stops and gos with zillions threads to bury. 

I'll talk more about the idea behind the quilting when posting the finished quilt. As this detail of the back shows I used two different thread colors. That was a conscious design choice that probably nobody will ever notice. Maybe I could have gone bolder with one thread color. As said in the previous post, discarded options are gone and I'll never know how another choice would have looked.

No second thoughts about my choice of binding though.

As I'm posting this the binding is all done. The only thing left to do is to stitch the label and take proper pictures of the finished quilt. Hoping for good daylight and free time to coincide soon.

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