Saturday, January 27, 2018

Qara // 1

It must be three years ago that my lovely friend Yara of qvilted gave me some left over scraps from her own quilt making.

I've been treasuring them since and now the time has come to make something beautiful with them.
As they are practically all triangles I've decided to use them as is and since the fabrics are gorgeous already I'm only adding white background fabric to make them shine.
And so it comes that for the first time I'm making flying geese.

I know that there are several ways of constructing flying geese. Even some very efficient ones. But since I'm starting from triangles I'm doing it the probably most time consuming way. Just adding triangles to triangles with all the challenges of stretching fabric that comes along with it.

It takes a lot of patience, slow going, a lot of attention to detail, and helpful tools. It isn't rocket science but surgery. At least I can do some chain piecing.

I have an assembly line going on.

But it's oh all so worthwhile as these geese are just too cute!

I've decided to make pairs of three each and I'll see later how I want to arrange them.

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