Thursday, April 27, 2017

Rug revamp // 2

I think my idea will work out just perfect and I'm going to have a new pretty rug. I'm just sewing my scraps on top of the old rug. I'm using my walking foot and adding pieces as I go. I had started with scraps of different shapes but then realized I needed some kind of order. I'm therefore cutting my scraps all into rectangular shapes but with different sizes. It still is scrappy enough but not that wild. Also I'm paying attention to color selection.
I'm sewing the scraps down with straight lines just using my foot for spacing them. I'll add more lines once all is put in place.
I've never done this before and I'm curious to see how the raw edges will behave when going through the washing machine. The good thing about this is, I can always add more scraps on top of the other!

Here a sight of my blooming wisteria bravely fighting against the return of winter temperatures!


  1. Hi, so I came across you on your scrap rugs. I was wondering a little bit about your process with the original rug....

    1. I answered you by email a while ago. Hope you received it.


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