Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gerry // 2

See previous post if you like to know the whole story.

I like my quilts to be reversible and am mindful about the backing.

Pin basting is the part of quilt making I really don't enjoy that much.

Quilting on the other side I do enjoy a lot.

And love to come up with own quilting designs for each quilt.

Every moment of quilt making has its own singularity.
Sewing on the binding by machine is one of THOSE moments.

Attaching it to the back by hand ANOTHER one. I love this phase. 

Finally, by end of March I had my finished quilt!

While hand sewing the binding I started on a second quilt to be gifted. But that is another story. Next I'll post some pictures of the finished Gerry.

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