Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've been sharing quite some pictures of Texas with you so far. And there will be more to come. Why is that? My husband and I have lived in Austin, Texas from Febraury 2005 to February 2007. Circumstances brought us there. We went with some mixed feelings that soon vanished thanks to the welcoming Austinites who are warm and open as is the scenery of the wide and endless seeming countryside. During that time we travelled the state as much as we could. We visited some cities but mainly took trips to national parks and other sites of natural beauty that left me with pictures dear to me and that I love sharing with you.
Looking back I'm deeply grateful  to were given the opportunity to temporarily live in a foreign country. Getting to know its people, its culture, and its nature has enriched my life tremendously.

Texas is known for lots of sunshine and tremendous heat. Almost all of my pictures show deep blue and cloudless sky. But wait! January can surprise you and remind you of some Swiss winter days.

Ho vissuto due anni nel Texas. Poter conoscere un altro popolo, un'altra cultura ed un'altra natura ha arricchito la mia vita in modo enorme. Dai molti viaggi mi sono rimaste tante fotografie con ricordi cari. Il Texas è conosciuto per il suo calore e tanti giorni di sole. Infatti quasi tutte le mie foto di paesaggi mostrano un cielo azzurro splendende. Però i mesi di gennaio e febbraio possono sorprenderti con dei gironi che ti ricordono l'inverno svizzero.

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