Saturday, July 14, 2018

Qara // 13 and last!!

It's been a little while but I couldn't make time for publishing. I have a lot to share including some travels. But first things first!

Qara is all done!

I'm very happy with how it turned out. It all started with the printed and solid triangles. Those were scraps from another project of a friend that she gifted me with. I decided to just add white fabric and started to make flying geese blocks. Then I continued designing on my wall as you can see in previous posts.
Once the top was finished I had a hard time deciding how to quilt it. In the end I'm very satisfied with my decision. It is the first time I combined machine and hand quilting. I'm glad I did. It is also the first time that I made a square quilt with the exception of T1 which because of its small size I do not count.
I had a short moment of doubt about my binding choice. Now I think it is just perfect.
Isn't it fun and marvellous what scraps can become? No piece left behind!

148 x 148 cm

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