Friday, October 6, 2017

Northwest USA Trip - Last pics // 15 and last!

And here, to conclude this report, a few miscellaneous pics from lasts days of our USA trip. We knew we were going to have a great time and we couldn't be happier and more grateful for all the things we saw and the experiences we had.

With lovely Tamara King from Portland, Oregon. A quilter and Instagram friend that I had the pleasure to finally meet in person. It is wonderful when social media lead to real encounters and friendships are strengthened.

With Pistol Pete, medicine man of the Nez Perce Tribe and staff member of Visitor Center, Nez Perce National Historical Park. He gave both of us a little bag filled with herbs to prevent illness. He makes them himself and blesses them before giving them away. He put each of us one around our neck. You can see me wearing mine. He said they would protect us while traveling. I was very moved by this encounter.

At a Rodeo in Lewiston, Idaho

and at the parade the next morning.

Theatre de la Mode at Maryhill Museum of Art, Washington

On the terrace of the museum overlooking the mighty Columbia River

A room with a view over The Dalles, Oregon

A last excursion to Roventa Crest, Oregon

Time to say goodby to our at Portland airport, Oregon,

and off we are!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for traveling along.

Next back to quilting!

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