Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Northwest USA Trip - Glacier National Park, Montana // 13

We also visited Glacier National Park located partly in Montana and partly in Canada. As the name says one of the things to see there are glaciers. At least what is still left of them. A information board stated that today we see only 25% of the ice that existed in 1850. Only approx. 25 of the 150 glaciers that were present then. And projections are that the park's glaciers will be gone by 2030.

We hiked six miles (one way!) all the way up to Grinnell Glacier. Quite tiring but oh so worth it!

Here too, the sky was partly covered in smoke from wildfires farther away. Thus reduced and unfocused views that mystified the scenery.

These are pictures from the descend

And back to the ground and driving home

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