Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Foulard I // 1

After all the exact cutting, fussy sewing, and matching seams and corners with the tops of Diamond, Scraps III, and Hope I decided it was high time for some improvised and liberated sewing. I knew I wanted to use some vintage sheets and fabrics I've been hoarding for a while. And once inspiration hit me there was no holding back.

During last winter I've been wearing this foulard almost every day at home. It is big, soft, warm, and light enough to be wrapped around my shoulders and neck adjusting it tight or loose, just the way I needed it.

One day, while hand washing and caring for it I looked at its design more closely. A light center, a dark border, and the same colors floating around all over it. This was the moment I decided I'd use these rules as a design principle for my improvised quilt. Improvising with intend I told myself.

I ended up with this fabric pull,

decided to do some strip piecing... cut up and reassemble,

to finally cut into 15 x 15 cm blocks.

I had done some math and couldn't wait to have enough blocks to arrange on my design wall.

The blocks were all ready but unfortunately at this time the wall was still occupied by Hope and I had to be patient. You'll have to be too for a couple days so you can feel my impatience at that point.
Unless you have already seen it on my Instagram feed.

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