Monday, May 16, 2016

Scraps III // 10 and last !

It's been a while since I finished Scraps III and finally I've gotten around to take some pictures. This quilt is giving me great joy. I love how I started with a single block design and gradually evaluated and decided further overall design decisions. The initial idea of using scraps from previous projects combined with lots of new and secondhand solid "whites" has resulted in something surprisingly new, fresh, elegant and cheerful at the same time. I was in doubt if it was worthwhile to piece also the monochromatic blocks with the same amount of love and care as the ones with colors but I am now convinced of it. A superficial eye may overlook subtle details. A careful one may find reward.

You'll have to excuse the picture overload. I can't help it.
The finished quilt measures 177 x 140 cm / 69 x 55inches.

Find the making of here:    // 1     // 2     // 3     // 4     // 5     // 6     // 7     // 8     // 9


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