Saturday, October 3, 2020

Learning to let go

I have to let go of quilts that where purchased in connection to my exhibit of last month. While I'm happy that they found a new home that will love and value them I'm at the same time learning what it means to say goodbye to a work that means a lot to me and that even it has been stored for a while out of sight it is still close to my heart. I guess it's the nature of things. I made quilts thinking that in the end they may be a benefit to somebody. But now that they are chosen out of an exhibit it is totally different than the ones I made from the beginning as a gift for someone special for a special occasion. As odd as it is I'm happy and sad at the same time. Yet, more happy than sad.

Here I'm wrapping up T1. A small quilt finished 2014 and that was kind of a prototype for T2 and T3. T stands for triangle as the design is based on half square triangles. This is one of the rare if not the only time I made up a design with the help of my computer. Normally, I just work on the design wall or follow a rough sketch. But here everything was laid out from the start. This is also the only quilt I've made so far that is clearly meant as wall hanging as with its 100 cm square it's too small for anything else. I love to make quilts to wrap oneself into them, so they at least need to be lap size. But this is the one that was purchased first. Maybe because the cost is lower due to its size, maybe because as so many said, it is easier to have them on the wall than to use them since they are so precious. There is a lot to think about for me. I'm not sure I want to make quilts that sell well. I want to make quilts that can be both, art and utility.

For T1 it looks as if it has found the perfect new owner. He definitely loves the colors.

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