Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Crux // 1

After many thoughts back and forth I've finally decided how I want to arrange these black & white squares. The final layout will be none of the previously shown here. So for once I'm not going back to my first idea as it so often happens. Instead I've come up with a completely different one that I'm going to hold back for a moment or two. Just because.

I've also found the name for this quilt. I'm naming it Crux. Because it had become a crux to define the layout. But now that I have it I'm in love with it. The name is meant in a loving way. It will remind me that it is worth to take the time to think things over and to wait to move on until I'm really feeling convinced and satisfied of what I'm doing. I hope I will still feel this way when the quilt will be done. And if so, the name will remind me of the path it took to get there.

So while I'm not yet showing the final overall design I can share the blocks that I've started to sew.

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