Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I finally managed to take some pictures of my most recent finished paintings. You know, the ones I do in a weekly public class at the local school of design. As usual at the beginning of the semester the teacher sets a theme as a source of inspiration that we can freely interpret as we like. This time the theme was tropical plants. In addition we got the task to work with self made templates. I drew freehand some forms that reminded me of leaves and other parts of plants on plastic sheets, cut them out and used them as templates for working with a paint roller.
This has been a great assignment we all had a lot of fun working at. Too bad I can only show what I did. It's always such a surprise to see what different people come up with starting from the same few parameters.

These are mines. All acrylic on paper and about 62 x 43 cm.

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  1. Toll gratuliere grossartige Arbeit. Die ersten drei gefallen mir von den Farben und der Stimmung besonders gut. Kompliment


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