Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cathe // 2

See previous post.

Once I had settled on the final layout I had to come up with a numbering system in order to safely bring everything back to my sewing machine. Plus I needed to be very careful not to mix up the orientation of the single blocks within the rows.

Sewing the rows wasn't too big a challenge. I only had to unpick once due to lack of concentration.

I briefly thought about some straight line quilting but soon decided I wanted to go romantic and flowery. I did various sketches on paper until I liked something and felt confident I could do it.

My first free motion quilting of some kind of flowers! No pre-marking, just improvising!

Decisions, decisions! Luckily no second thoughts about my choices for the binding. And also happy I still had the time for sewing it to the back by hand. Hand sewing the binding is soooooo meditative.

Maybe I should start thinking about new labels? Maybe also a new name for the blog?

Come back tomorrow to see pictures of the finished quilt!

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