Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New quilt with new approach // 3

I decided I'm going to turn this model into a quilt. I don't aim at reproducing it exactly. I want to maintain the character of the color scheme and the distribution of the colors. The shapes are less important to me.

I made a grid to define the blocks I was going to sew.

I made shopping lists for auditioning and buying fabric. These are just for selecting the colors. I'm going to mix prints and solids.

I decided on a kind of block design. I wonder how these pointy shapes will change the look of the round and thus softer shapes of the model.

I pulled the fabric ...

... arranged all I need around me ...

... and let the fun begin!

I also chose the name for this quilt. It is more than just inspired by Ursula Kern. I'm calling it Kernel.


  1. A very interesting approach, I like to see your planning process, I also like the colour palette

  2. Спасибо! Это очень интересно!

  3. This is really mind-boggling to me. I cannot even imagine doing this. It truly is a fascinating process.


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